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Four ways to wellbeing

Today marks four very important events in the world of social media and wellbeing. National Writing Day, Pineapple Day, International Sunglasses Day.... and the much talked about Heatwave currently gracing the UK!

While these events each carry their own individual health messages, there is potential in them as a collective, four-pronged approach to living well that we can implement TODAY, for a healthier tomorrow!


We're in the midst of a heatwave, and the advice as always is to TAKE CARE in the sun. Sunburn has a habit of creeping up on us when we least expect it, so wearing a high factor sunscreen from the offset (applied before you leave the house in the morning) is a habit well worth getting into while the warm weather looks set to continue. While sun safety in first and foremost, shying away from this glorious weather for the sake of health can actually be counter-productive to this end goal. After all, vitamin D and the mood boosting benefits of sunlight can go a long way toward benefiting our health and wellbeing. So, the advice is...enjoy the sunshine, but stay safe!


Writing is cathartic, and the very action of putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) can have the effect of clearing the mind, rationalising thoughts, venting frustrations and making dreams and ambitions tangible. From this stance, there is no better starting point to bettering our mental health and making positive changes to our lives, than with a good old fashioned pen and a notebook.


Sunglasses are much more than just a useful accessory for complementing outfits, or blocking out glare. The right specification sunglasses can protect your eyes from free radical damage by sunlight, therefore helping to maintain your optical health. When purchasing sunglasses, look for ones that block out 99 to 100% of UVA and UVB radiation.


Pineapples, besides being rich in vitamin C, contain the enyzme bromelian which can help with digestion and reducing inflammation, such as that involved in allergies and hay fever. Tucking into more of this fruit on a regular basis is therefore a positive step in the right direction of not only a balanced, healthy diet, but also improved wellbeing via reduced bloating, improved nutrient intake/absorption and less allergic symptoms.

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