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6 tips for working out in the summer

As the warmer weather looks set to continues, so do our hesitations to exercise in such high temperatures. However, we do not need to press the pause buttons on our workout routines. With the heat set to stay for the next few weeks here, the experts at E-Bikes Direct give their top 6 tips on how to keep our fitness routines consistent in increasing temperatures throughout the summer months.

Switch the timings

If you are an outdoor runner that tends to run in their lunch break, it may be worth switching up the times to working out either first thing in the morning or well into the evening. This will ensure that it is cooler when you work out and lower the risk of dehydration.

Know your fitness boundaries

If you are not a seasoned runner or you do not regularly workout, now is probably not the time to attempt a marathon. However, this does not mean that you must stop your new routine before you have even started. Perhaps start with a brisk walk in the evening or use an electric bike. Electric bikes enable you to use half the energy that you would usually use with a traditional bike, meaning that the warm weather will be easier to tackle.

Have a back up

Just because you are used to adopting one type of exercise routine into your lifestyle, it does not mean that you must keep it going throughout the strenuous heat. Think about less energetic routines that will be easier to complete in warm weather.

Wear sunscreen

Sunburn reduces your body’s ability to cool itself. This means that the rate in which your body becomes dehydrated is increased along with the risk of skin cancer.

Think before you wear

Dark clothing absorbs heat and therefore means that you will feel the heat quickly. Ensure that all clothing is loose fitting, light in colour and of course.

Stay hydrated

Perhaps the most obvious however, staying hydrated is key to a successful workout in hot weather. Take a bottle of water with you and ensure that you keep on taking short sips throughout your regime.

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