How to achieve work-life balance

What does this really mean? We hear it being used so often in the work place, to ensure the employee focusses on their wellbeing but HOW do you actually achieve a good work-life balance!

I will share 3 simple tips to help you manage your time between work and home, as well as provide you with some actionable steps in the process.


People contact who they know they CAN contact – not who they WANT to contact.

If it is out of working hours and someone needs to get hold of someone in the office or workplace, they will contact the person that they know ‘always has their phone on’ or ‘always checks emails’.

Don’t be this person – you have to set the boundaries and change the expectation people have of you.

Unless you are on call or paid to work out of your normal office hours, you must not be the person people rely on to contact.

Don’t check your emails or answer the calls or 1 better – detach your work emails from your personal devices and keep the 2 separate.

Learn something else

Your brain needs stimulating and if the only time your brain is active is at work – no wonder you find yourself ‘working’ when you shouldn’t be.

Give yourself another interest. It could be learning a new language or an instrument, or it could even be joining a club or society once a week and having that commitment – this will also encourage you to not see work as the only factor in your routines and place value on your ‘free time’ too.

Weekly intentions

Each week you must set an intention for yourself that doesn’t involve work. What will you get done outside of the office? What will you achieve?

Do you need to paint your bathroom? Have dinner with friends? Book a transfer for your holiday?

Set your own goals and targets and keep your personal life running too. Don’t wait for weekends to do all of these things or you will never have any time to enjoy your time away from the office, because there is always another to do list!

I worked full time, whilst building my business, writing a book, launching a podcast and now able to leave my full time teaching career, so I know more than anyone what it takes to make things work and how important balance really is for your wellbeing.

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