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How to walk into a room with confidence

Take a scroll through social media, and you’ll no doubt come across at least one deep and meaningful meme about the importance of living your best life, fulfilling your potential, losing regrets ... or something else along those lines. How many of these quotes do we really relate to though, and how many do we really take anything from, or act upon? We’re probably all guilty of reading something inspiring, thinking to ourselves ‘how true!’.... and then never using the light bulb moment as a turning point for doing something different. . So what’s the key to translating an inspiring quote into positive action? We’re putting it to the test by actioning the messages of 7 inspiring quotes, over 7 days, to see what difference these social words of wisdom can REALLY make to our lives and/or our health and wellbeing. . The first quote is by Vivian Dillar, from Helen Gordon’s new book, Being Beautiful.


We’ve been busy researching the most effective ways to pull off an air of confidence and self-assurance, with a view to seizing more opportunities (social, professional and personal), and creating positive first impressions.

After much research into this subject, the confidence-boosting ritual we are testing is follows. Distraction Distract yourself from any anxiety or nerves by turning your thoughts away from the emotions, and onto something else. Make a phone call to a friend or relative for some light hearted chat, listen to music or run through a sensory exercise in your mind. Focus on one thing you can see, hear, smell, feel and repeat. Eye smile Smile as you enter a room. It gives you an air of self-assurance and helps set a good first impression, which is something that happens much earlier on than people believe. Power stance If the opportunity exists, practice a two minute power pose before entering the room where you want to impress. Power poses can lead the positive hormone and behaviour changes which in turn changes how a person feels and is perceived.

👉🏻The ‘HOW TO’

Stand as though you are trying to take up as much space as possible. Take a wide stance, with your hands on your hips, and your chin raised for maximum results.

@coraleajadeofficial demonstrates the perfect Power Pose! Join the chat on Instagram. The pencil test Stand holding a pencil in both hands, and take note of the direction they point. If they point in, pull your shoulders back until they are directed forwards, then lift the chin for a finishing touch. Self talk Find a confidence affirming sentence that is relative to you, and repeat as you wall into a public space where you would otherwise feel self-conscious. Supporting sources:

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