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Living with PCOS

Laura Rau is a fitness and lifestyle blogger and PCOS sufferer. She shares her story here:

“When I got diagnosed with PCOS 2 years ago, I had an idea what it was, but not so knowledgeable on risk factors.

Prone to weight gain, heart issues, depression and diabetes, to name a few - and something clicked, and just like that I shifted my focus on improving my wellbeing.

As my body is more sensitive, and goes pretty quick into hormone imbalance when stressed emotionally or physically, I tend to start my day slowly as possible - getting in tune with myself whilst drinking a big glass of water. HYDRATE!

Good fat and fibre is important in PCOS, so my breakfast always include eggs, buttery superseed toast and greens (spinach, broccoli or asparagus).

Fat is needed for hormone balance and fibre for a healthy bowel and estrogen gets excreted in your stools.

Lunch and dinner are also balanced wholesome meals most of the time, any protein with source of carbs and greens!

I also aim to include some movement in my day, depending on how I am feeling and what phase of my cycle I am on, I tend to either do yoga in my living room, dance classes, weightlifting or just a walk by the river after work. I tend to stay away from to much HIIT workouts as that tends to raise cortisol levels.

A non-negotiable day off for myself once a week is a must for my mental health, anxiety levels and general fatigue that affects most of women suffering with PCOS. So a day chilling, taking care of myself and off from any social interaction works wonders!”

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