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A BERRY Nice Way to Spend the Weekend!

Updated: May 7

When the stars of age and circumstance align, gardening becomes an appealing way to while away the days.

Until earlier this year, the only garden space I had at my disposal, was barely big enough to swing a cat, let alone accommodate any horticultural endeavours.

Unsurprisingly, the urge to be in any way green fingered was, well… non existent.

Fast forward to today, however, (and one rather stressful house-move later!) and I’m busy planting strawberries, making plans for borders… and even contemplating getting the lawn-mower out, in possibly the most poignant sign of the times since I found myself googling 'gardening gloves', as though it were the most normal thing in the world!

Rest assured, this would certainly be a first, and a true testament - perhaps - to how a passion for floriculture, can often blossom in the most unlikely and unexpected of places.

As part of this first foray into fruit-growing, Moore Berries supplied some of their specialty 'bare root' strawberry plants, which arrived swiftly by post...ready to plant in a sunny, sheltered spot of my new slowly-coming-together garden.

Moore Berries are a small, family business based in Norfolk, which offers a wide range of high-quality UK grown strawberry plants, as well as expert advice and support to help you get the most out of your plants.

For me, the fact that the strawberry plants were already part grown, appealed to the side of me which struggles, somewhat, with the more traditional from-scratch approach. The approach which demands propagation... and patience!

Yes, I may have short-cutted the long-game that avid gardeners swear by as part of the pleasure of planting, but in actual fact, the satisfaction of seeing these dormant plants spring back to life, has surely brought as much satisfaction as if I'd germinated them myself!

As well, the exercise has been an invaluable opportunity for my smallest people, who couldn't wait to get their hands dirty, to see and learn about plant roots, and to practice the gentle-handedness that dealing with living things demands.

The only question now, with the soil packed down and the watering done, is to decide whether my excitement for a home-grown strawberry crop, is more or less than the challenge of giving Charlie Dimmock a run for her money!

Sponsored by Moore Berries

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