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Join the 'meal prep' movement

A healthy diet and regular exercise regime is a common goal, but one that our increasingly hectic lifestyles seem to be standing in the way of to a large extent.

In a poll by Mindfulchef, more than half of people said that they wanted to adopt positive habits, but the majority just didn’t have the time to prepare nutritious food, or skipped meals because they hadn't had a chance to do a food shop.

And it’s not just nutrition that is suffering, as a large majority feel too rushed off their feet to make the gym, and are worried about the impact this lifestyle could be having on their health. When it comes to turning this situation around, preparation and organisation goes a long way.

Preparing lunches and meals for the week ahead has become the norm for millions of people worldwide, particularly with celebrities such as the Body Coach (Joe Wicks) paving the way for this movement.

So how can we put this into practice?

The Prep and Rep bag is the ultimate food/fitness preparation tool for individuals looking to balance a busy day in the workplace with exercise and good nutrition. The bag includes food containers, a smoothie bottle, water bottle, a gym towel and a free protein shaker, along with handy utensil and supplement pockets. The bag itself if lightweight and stylish and keeps your food and drinks cool all day. Meal prep makes life easier for you during the week when you are pushed for time, so why not allocate a Sunday afternoon for food shopping and meal planning and packing to increase your chances of a healthy lifestyle even when the pressure is on. Prep and Rep can be purchased via

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