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'Slowvember' - It's all about the soup!

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

It’s a concept that has, admittedly, gone somewhat over my head in the past.

That all-important idea of 'slowing down' with the seasons, and leaning into the more leisurely pace that everything else in nature seems to surrender to… apart from us.

These principles of ‘Slowvember' are, on the face of it, pretty self-explanatory.

However, in the absence of being able to embrace hibernation-mode in its entirety (chance would be a fine thing!), the only way to really pour ourselves into this 'trend' with any degree of consistency, is through the unrivalled deceleration power of... food.

'Low and slow' food is, to a greater or lesser extent, one of the most effective ways that those of us bound to a fast-lane lifestyle, can fall into step with a more seasonally-appropriate pace.

The hallmarks of the approach? Think porridge, soups, stews, casseroles, hot-pots... the joy of which lies as much in the un-hurriedness of their making, as it does in the soul-ease of their enjoyment.

To officially kick start this hot and hearty cooking season, I’ve teamed up with none other than OliveOlive, whose delicious range of olive oils aligns perfectly with this season's universal appetite for 'depth'.

Depth of flavour, just as much as depth of meaning ( 'comfort food', after all, is about so much more than hunger!)

And so it begins...

After setting about this challenge to 'autumnify' my approach to meal-planning, I concluded that the secret sauce to this mission's success...well, it might just lie fully in the hands of my new, snazzy condiment comrades.

In particular, it was the cold pressed, 'fused' extra virgin olive oils, which piqued my culinary imagination the most. These unique olive oils are unfiltered, and produced in a coastal village in Cyprus using only hand-picked local olives, pressed in a mill with natural ingredients (garlic, oregano, chill and lemon, namely) to create a rich, flavoursome oil, with the potential to complement and enhance many and varied recipes.

To showcase their endless versatility, and also kick-start this year's official autumnal recipe series, I've begun with what is the ultimate chilly-day crowd pleaser:

Roasted Vegetable Soup.

For this recipe I combined both the Garlic and Oregano olive oils, to help lend the soup some earthy, sweet, yet spicy base notes.

From personal experience, I've found this soup shines brightest when served with either crusty bread, or a pan-fried cheese toastie, using a thin spread of the Olive Olive oregano olive oil on both sides of the bread.

For the full how-to on this recipe, click here.

Sponsored by OliveOlive

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