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A day in the life of... Zoe Woodward

Zoe Woodward is a yoga teacher and lifestyle blogger at Alohaandcoffee.

My day generally starts between 6am and 6.30am, I’m an early riser and it suits me. I don’t need an alarm, my body clock is finely tuned. My 3 year old daughter seems to have the same body clock too and we get up together. I start every day with warm water with lemon and apple cider vinegar and a few moments of deep breathing to centre myself.

I either step on my yoga mat then or take my dogs for a walk to start my day slowly and mindfully. When get back I cleanse my face and apply a serum and an SPF 50 moisturiser and am ready to start my day!

When I’ve finished my 3 older kids are up and breakfast is being made and eaten and everything is a whirlwind of activity as they get ready for school. I generally have my first coffee at this time!

After the school run I either go to a CrossFit session or come home and open up my laptop (aswell as teaching yoga and blogging I also co-own a marketing and communications company with my husband and we have global clients so essentially we work a 24 hr clock!). My day is made up of meetings, projects, blogging, filming, events, no two days are the same!

I step away to take lunch around 12 and make sure I get some fresh air with a brisk walk around the block to revitalise me. I tend to follow an Intermittent fasting protocol because I find it suits me as I’m rarely hungry first thing anymore so I break my fast around 12 with a huge bowl of seasonal veg, hummus, falafel- anything I can find really! I also take a variety of supplements at this point (vit b, d, magnesium, joint support). I’m a big water drinker and always have a bottle on my desk or in my bag so I sip approx 1-1.5 gallons a day.

The afternoon is made up of the school run and admin generally, emails, calls, planning etc then I switch my laptop off for a while the the kids are home to catch up with their day. I have a big smoothie mid afternoon with protein, banana, greens, berries, nut butter and oat milk, it’s my go to snack!

My evenings are either spent teaching yoga or taking the kids to their clubs but me and my husband always try to sit down together and eat a balanced meal in the evenings around 7pm.

I make sure my laptop and phone are away and in another room from about 8pm and make sure I spend a couple of hours winding down in the evenings, catching up with family, maybe a yoga flow, some TV. I like to have a last evening snack of some coconut yoghurt and berries in the evening to satisfy my sweet tooth!

I tend to go to bed quite early and like to be asleep by 10pm if I can. I take the time to read a book and sip a mug of herbal tea just before bed as I find it helps me to unwind. I always remove my make up with coconut oil and cleanse my face before bed and I apply a layer of serum to absorb overnight. I also have a lavender sleep well therapy balm I apply before I go to sleep as a final unwind and relax.

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