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Springing into a new lunch era!

I’ve been in a bit of a 'lunch lull' recently, and I’ve no doubt it’s owed - in part - to the all-out indecisiveness of this ‘spring’ weather we’ve been having.


It’s been too cold for salad, but too sunny for soup, which means lunch-making has found itself in unfamiliar, inbetweeeny-season territory.


Territory where the humble hunger-buster that is ‘The Wrap’ seems to be reigning supreme, with its evergreen, goes-with-anything appeal!


In the interests of keeping things ‘slow release’ (and avoiding the post-lunch scrounge-for-something-sweet) I’ve recently swapped out regular tortillas, for these Fitbakes Wholegrain wraps, which have been crafted with a perfect blend of whole grains, and boast 10g of protein per wrap.


When loaded with hummus, avocado, rocket and a sprinkling of mixed seeds, this quick and easy-to-make lunch brings much to the table, including myriad of vitamins, minerals, fibre and ‘good’ fats.


All this creates a rather win-win lunch scenario, I feel, whereby the nutrition gained, multiplied by the time saved, and the taste enhanced…amounts to so much more than I've come to expect from my mid-week, throw-it-together-and-hope-for-the-best lunches!


Sponsored by Fitbakes

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