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Forget Clean Sleeping... Clean EVENINGS are the latest health trend

Digital distraction is driving our minds to...well...distraction!! As useful as our smart phones, TVs and tablets are, the constant alerts and notifications are far from conducive to being able to focus on one thing. We are ALWAYS distracted. And it is torture for the mind. 

‘Distraction torture’ is a very real thing (google it if you dare!), and while the modern day version of being pushed and pulled in all directions differs from the historic (much more gruesome) method, the consequences cannot be underestimated. It is in the evenings, when we should be recharging our minds, that this constant ‘nudging’ is most detrimental. It detracts from sleep, mealtimes, relationships and the chance to collate and process the day’s thoughts, all of which has knock-on effects on our mental health. But how do we avoid letting digital technology take over our evenings? 

📱 Remove the temptation  

Put your phone in another room when you’re trying to relax in the evening. 

🏡Set the tone Clear away the clutter, settle down with a book, magazine or other non digital media and light some candles. Morgan Jost hand poured soy ‘Namaste’ candle contains lavender, jasmine & frankincense to quiet and focus the mind, and as an added benefit, the company donate 50% of their profits to Mind charity. 

📖 Read 

Reading has some amazing health benefits, including helping with depression and cutting stress. The brain is like a muscle, and regular reading helps bring neural pathways to life, creates new synapses and improves brain power overall. 

🐶 Cuddle up If you have a dog, cuddling up with your pet can help boost levels of serotonin and dopamine, which are involved in regulating our mood and emotions. 

🌵House plants House plants have been shown to have psychological benefits, including potentially helping to reduce stress and improve concentration 

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