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A day in the life of...Gandha Savio

Gandha Savio is a Yoga Teacher running private and public yoga classes in London.

As a self employed yoga teacher, my days are never the same. That's the beauty of it, it keeps it interesting and varied.

I usually wake up around 8am because I need my sleep! As I get up, the morning rituals begin. I have about a 30 minutes routine which includes cleansing from residual toxins by brushing teeth, scraping the tongue and washing the nose with a net pot before I eat or drink anything.

Then I prepare my warm water with freshly squeezed lemon and before drinking it I practice Nauli Kryia, a purification technique which massages internal organs, promotes a health gut and helps toning up the abdominal wall. I then meditate or do pranayama (breathing exercises).

Finished with my ritual, I get dressed, have a vegan protein smoothie and get ready to go and teach. I teach yoga most mornings, either privately or group classes.

On my way to class I either listen to an audiobook, read a book or engage on social media. I am very lucky that I get to travel mostly off peak, unlike when I used to be in the corporate world and never got a seat on the tube. It helps to keep the zen!

After class I usually need a snack. Protein bars keep me going, and I choose vegan and refined sugar free ones, usually with nuts and dates.

There is a lot of travelling and walking involved in my days and I always go around the city wearing yoga clothes, which doesn't feel very fashionable, but it's definitely comfortable. I am very lucky to collaborate with different apparel brands who gift me their super awesome outfits, and have many to chose from.

Part of my day also involves either yoga, a mini workout at the gym or some pilates to keep me fit and look after my body.

Since I move so much I also necessitate to eat plenty, and I favour nutritious fresh food. When possible I go back home to eat, or if not I have a list of my favourite places to grab a quick bite from.

I usually teach until late afternoon or early evening and the in-between is filled with admin to keep my business going.

After the last class of the day, I go back home and make dinner. I always cook fresh food for me and my partner and we eat together while chatting about our day.

Cooking and healthy eating is my second biggest passion after yoga, so I enjoy spending time in the kitchen and experimenting different recipes. I mostly make them up myself, rather than follow a proper recipe.

I try to keep our diet varied, eating plenty of vegetables and some fish. My partner is a meat eater, but we mostly eat the same meals when together. He now enjoys some vegan, vegetarian or fish dinners more than he ever though he would. After dinner is time to relax, either watching Netflix, chatting or planning our next holiday.

Bed time is rarely before 12am, but I do try my best to get at least 8 hours sleep to make sure I am rested and energised for the following day.

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