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HOBBIES: ‘One in five spend less than 30 minutes a day on the things we enjoy’

Having a hobby can help us feel contented, according to a study by Burgen Bread , but how many of us have time for one? 21 per cent of us long for more time to dedicate to our passions, with one in five spending less than 30 minutes a day on the things we enjoy. So what’s the solution to having a hobby if your days are already choca block? It might be easier than you think, taking these key points into account... 1️⃣You don’t need just one skill Being good at something often isn’t the result of just one exceptional skill. It’s more often than not the fusion of a series of fairly average ones, so don’t let what you think you’re good at (or not) limit what you try. 2️⃣A hobby doesn’t have to be a new activity Choosing one of the activities we already do everyday (eg cooking, reading) and taking it to a new or different level can give you a hobby out of something that’s been there all along. Having a hobby is as much about a change in perspective, as it is a change in lifestyle. 3️⃣Use your commute If you don’t have any time to spare before or after work, and you happen to travel by train, why not use your commute for hobby time. . 4️⃣Bed time hobbies Bedtime is the perfect time to do something regular for you. Even if it’s just 5 minutes. Bedtime yoga, five pages of a book, one article of Psychologies magazine, a page of a colouring book or a five minute sketch. .

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