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LIMBO MODE... when you’re stuck between ‘anything goes’...and ‘everything goes’

When it comes to our lifestyle habits and routines, we often talk in MODES. . 👩‍💻‘WORK mode’ 👙‘HOLIDAY mode’ 🍷‘WEEKEND mode’ 🎄‘CHRISTMAS mode’!! These mindset settings influence everything...from how we eat, to how much we exercise, sleep and drink!! Currently, most of us will be in what can only be described as ‘LIMBO mode’... stuck between the ‘anything goes’...and the ‘everything goes’!! One of the distinguishing characteristics of ‘limbo mode’ is the contradictory motivations it creates. The desire for some clean living (to counterbalance all the previous days’ indulgences), met with the determination to eke out the ‘it’s Christmas!!’ excuse just a little longer! 

But the best thing about being in Limbo Mode? You get the best of both worlds. The chance to flit between ‘refilling your cup’ (a run here / a healthy breakfast there!!) and actually refilling your cup, with whatever tipple you so choose! At no other time does the health pendulum have such sway, rebounding between extremes of lunges and lunches with impunity! 

So, here’s to this wonderful inbetweeny period we like to call TWIXMAS! Make yours a good one... whatever your chocolate of choice! . . #health #limbomode #healthy #newyear #balance #healthyliving #twixmas 

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