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Make 2019 the year you turn everything around

The tools you are about to equip yourself with will create changes in your life, some in subtle ways and others more profound. Allow yourself to become the master of your destiny and develop the characteristics, attitudes and behaviours to create more in the next 12 weeks than in the entire year!

Research shows on average it takes approx 8 years to reach a new year's resolution. What I propose is that 12 months is a long time and concentrated efforts over a short period are highly productive and likely to be more achievable.

Everyone yearns for more. It is a healthy human impulse, as natural as breathing, and suppression of this leads to chaos and anarchy . The key is to want more and move in that direction while simultaneously enjoying what you already have. Couple this with contentment and poise, with the intention of doing the greatest good for the largest number of people.

Firstly realise that you possess everything you need to achieve any goal you set for yourself. Your objective in the next 12 weeks is to develop a mindset that supports this, with continuous functional action and bring those inherent stronger parts of you to the surface. Use the following weeks to stop engaging in activities that stifle your progress, become like a sculptor chipping away the unnecessary parts of their masterpiece.

Some may think your goals are impossible according to their limited ideas, constricted knowledge or what they think are the facts. Be flexible enough in your thinking to brush this off and recognise; most people are projecting their own limitations onto others. It is always better to get preoccupied with building your own life.

Consistently focus on your goal with full faith that it will be achieved. You can start taking the necessary action to bring it about using your body, mind and external forces. The focus you will develop will help push you beyond your comfort zone, propel you past barriers and fears, and fashion unlikely meetings, events and coincidences to bring your chosen goal to fruition.

Once you gather this initial momentum, you will start to recognise the patterns of your life that brought you to this very moment and begin to

capitalise on all the resources that appear on the route to your goals.

The Questions below are designed to create greater clarity in your thinking and create that initial spark needed, to get you to your destination on time.


If you knew you could not fail in any undertaking, what one great thing would you dare to dream for 2019?

Who is the person you need to become to achieve the above?

How will achieving this goal improve your life?

What obstacles will you have to overcome to make it?

Once you have achieved your goal, what characteristics would you have developed and qualities harnessed that got you there?

Morning and evening look at the written description wrote out for number 6 and keep yourself accountable to living by this standard, and watch magic unravel!

Author bio: Dominic Knight - Master NLP Practitioner/ Life Coach (Co-Founder of

Success London, a project helping champion future British Entrepreneurs)

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