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‘Dogs always know when you are sad, happy or worried’

'Owning a pet of any description can bring so much joy to your life. Having that one furry friend who you can connect with on a different level to any human. They always know when you are sad, happy or worried, they will never judge and they will always forgive you. Although as amazing as they are, before you make that exciting leap into getting your own companion, there is a lot you need to take into consideration. For example, when I chose to get Otto, I carefully researched his breed and understood that as a terrier he would require a LOT of exercise. With this comes a careful diet, an abundance of non destroyable toys and somewhere comfy for him to build up all that wonderful terrier energy for the next day! Even though he is nearly 3, not much has changed! It is important to remember that your new best friend will require vet care which comes at a cost, so insurance is always very handy. They will grow, and with growth requires more food, new collars or harnesses, bigger beds and more durable toys. If you want to go on holiday and your pet can’t come you will need to arrange for someone to look after them for you. If you choose to get a dog, they need to be walked and exercised regularly and struggle being left at home alone for a long time, therefore it is very important that when you feel ready to have another life to look after, and that you carefully consider what animal would work for you and your lifestyle. Otto is by far my best friend, he has been on many adventures with me and we have lots more planned. He is forever by my side, where I hope he remains for a very long time.'

Author credit: Charlotte Fricker

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