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‘I strongly believe the world is changing to a place where women empower women’

The Apprentice contestant Sabrina Stocker  on the power of female networking:

‘Entering the world of networking allowed me to experience and meet other women with the same mindset as myself. Michelle Ackerley, a former CBBC Presenter, placed me in touch with Ewan Vinnicombe, the former Blue Peter editor. I screamed inside when he knew of my personality already as portrayed in The Apprentice on BBC One. Thanks to Michelle, I’m now pursuing a career in presenting, partially because her energy and advice allowed me to have a higher level of self esteem and confidence to know there are opportunities out there for anyone, providing you get yourself out there and create them. So, apart from Tony Robbins and Brendan Burchard killing it on YouTube, I strongly believe the world is changing to a place where women empower women, allowing us to have the opportunity to progress each other through the ranks and someday, over take the men on the motivational ranks,’ 

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