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Carrots...always the dunker.Never the dunkee.

Until now...

Carrots and dip have long been synonymous, but not in the way we’re about to reveal. As today is International Carrot Day, we wanted to demonstrate the endless versatility and convenience of this humble vegetable when it comes meal/snack prep. As the basis for a healthy and deliciously garlicky (and surprisingly crunchy) dip.... this is carrot as you’ve never seen it before!  All you’ll need are a couple of carrots, a handful of walnuts, a garlic clove and some mayonnaise...   4 ingredients, and 4 ways to serve:

1️⃣ with pitta bread as a dip 2️⃣ as a BBQ bit on the side (like coleslaw, but different) 3️⃣ mixed into a salad 4️⃣ in a wrap with some halloumi and avocado 

➡️All you need to do is: •Grate the carrot •Break up the walnuts (using a freezer bag and a rolling pin) •Crush the garlic clove •Mix all the above together in a bowl with a generous dollop of mayonnaise  #internationalcarrotday #carrot #dip #healthyrecipes #easyrecipes #garlic #walnuts #instarecipes #healthylife #healthy #recipes 

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