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When you can’t walk to work...WORK to WALK instead

You might have already noticed, today is Walk to Work Day. Of all the well-intentioned health-promoting awareness days, this one is up there with the best of them, besides coming with one small (but often significant) stumbling block. Logistics. For many of us, walking to work simply isn’t possible due to either sheer distance, or lack of pedestrian-friendly routes. So what’s to be done, in this case, when taking the car, bus or train is not for want of a willingness to walk? Let’s flip it around, in these cases, and simply work a bit harder, when we can, to walk a bit more. Whether it’s a walking lunch break, or a quick ‘round the block’ when you get home, there is almost always a way of upping your step count to help reap the rewards of a higher moderate activity level. Walk to Work Day may best suit the city dwellers, who can hop off the tube or bus one stop earlier to clock up some extra ‘steppage’, but for everyone else... all is not lost. There’s still opportunity (especially in the lighter evenings) to give the on-foot commuters a run (or walk) for their money in the step-count department this spring!

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