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‘I had no symptoms, and had gone to the dermatologist for a completely unrelated issue’

Melanoma is something that sadly is very near and dear to my heart. I had a bout with Melanoma that resulted in multiple layers of stitches and lots of sleepless nights. Melanoma is deadly if not detected early! I had no symptoms, and in fact, went to the dermatologist for a completely unrelated issue. He noticed a little raised area that looked like a basal cell or something benign. Thankfully, when it was removed, though it was found to be Melanoma, it was removed totally with clear margins. I have had regular skin checks ever since, and wear sunscreen and a hat! I feel so strongly about skin protection that I started my own skin care business 5 years ago! My passion is to help others care for and protect their skin.

Author credit: Emily Lynn Paulson

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