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‘Confidence is both a prerequisite for, and a result of, wearing red lip stick’

Red lipstick.  

It’s been dividing beauty opinion for millenia. With a history of varying associations (some flattering, others less so), it’s not surprising that so many of us are on the red lips fence! To rouge... or not to rouge!? That is the question. Common opinion is that only ‘certain’ women can pull off the look, with the line between fabulous and floozy being such a thin one, that most of us shy away from even chancing it for fear of not giving the ‘right’ impression. However, what separates those who embrace this make up look from those who shy away isn’t necessarily aesthetics, since skin tone and hair colour suitability is - to a large extent - somewhat of a myth. What it comes down to, say beauty experts, is confidence. Confidence is both a prerequisite for, and a result of, wearing red lip stick. From this regard, broadening your horizons on the make up stand can (potentially) set off a self-perpetuating confidence cycle. Once mastered, the red lip can be a powerful tool . Unlike other cosmetics which correct or camouflage, the red lip commands attention. With a regal vibe owing to the Queen Elizabeth I connotations, and undertones of implied self-possession and power, could this simple cosmetic be the secret weapon that ALL of our make up bags command? 

Photo credit: Aline Garcia

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