As women, we often spend a LOT of time wondering what others think of our appearance. Wondering whether they notice the same ‘flaws’ we do when we look in the mirror. Our internal dialogue can lead us to all manner of (often incorrect) conclusions about how others see us. Whether it’s a double take from a stranger in the street which leads us to question our outfit choice, or a side glance from a colleague which we deduce as proof that trying out that new eye shadow was a bad idea. To state the obvious, all of these conclusions we come to about how other people perceive us do very little for our self-confidence. If anything, all they do is give ammunition to our own worst critics! Given the mental health implications of this kind of negative self-talk, it’s possible to see why learning to silence our inner ‘Mean Girl’ is one of THE best starting points to feeling better about ourselves and bolstering our confidence. This...and stopping all mind-reading endeavours so far as how we look /come across to others goes! This isn’t to say that the solution to ‘body happiness’ begins and ends with no longer caring or wondering what others think, but it’s a positive jumping off point if ever there was one!