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Take the Biscuit!

Photo by @bakedbyjane

The biscuit aisle may be the one we try hardest to swerve on our weekly shop, but it’s also the one where our personality is thought to come most into play with our choices. Whether we reach for the Rich Tea, Bourbons or Custard Creams is apparently telling of some fairly key character traits, so says a new theory known as ‘Biscuit Psychology.’ If you’re quick to reach for the custard creams, you’ve all the makings of a natural leader, while those who head to the bourbons are headstrong, confident risk takers. Whether there is any truth in these theories is open to debate, but it amounts to some good small talk fodder for your next tea break, if nothing else. Biscuits are hot topic today, in particular, because it is officially National Biscuit Day. Now we all know biscuits do not typically qualify in the ‘clean eating’ ranks, but there is, however, a small but valid case for not completely striking them off your shopping list for evermore! For example, as a social gesture, biscuits have been shown to cultivate mutual feelings of positivity and friendship. And secondly, the surge in home bake recipes has actually forged a deserving space for them in an overall balanced and healthy diet. Given that a recent Channel 5 show discovered Britain’s favourite biscuit for dunking to be the GINGER NUT (beating runners up Rich Tea and the Digestive), we’ve created a wholegrain alternative to this spiced favourite, with the addition of coconut oil, turmeric and dates, which is featured over on the blog. This new take on an old favourite has helped not only remove some of the guilt, but also replace some of the nutrition, in the traditional and ever-popular elevenses equation.

Date, Ginger & Turmeric Oat Biscuits


100g flour 100g rolled oats 75g sugar 100g Butter 50g coconut oil 1inch ginger 1 tsp turmeric 6 mejool dates

Method: Mix the flour, oats and sugar in a bowl. Pit and chop the dates, and finely grate the ginger Melt the butter/coconut oil in a pan and add/mix into the dry ingredients Stir in the turmeric, ginger and dates until all the ingredients are combined Spoon the mixture into 12 rounds on a lined baking tray Bake for 12 minutes or until golden brown 📸 Main photo credit: @bakedbyjane

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