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Post workout fatigue? Just ‘shake it off!’

The question of how best to refuel post-workout is one that athletes and fitness enthusiasts have long toyed with the answer to! From superfood snacks, to electrolyte rich energy drinks...the multitude of conflicting messages is a tad confusing to say the least. It might come as a relief to hear, then, that the solution to post workout fatigue is simpler (and tastier) than you might think. In the words of Taylor Swift... the answer might be to just ‘shake it off!’ quite literally, with a rejuvenating MILKSHAKE, of all things. Common milkshake misconceptions have, until now, meant that Chocolate Milk would have unlikely ever crossed anyone’s radar in a sports nutrition context. It’s only recently, we find, that it has gained a reputation as a cheap alternative to expensive protein drinks for athletes, especially weightlifters, and this surge in popularity is for good reason. Milk has just the right carbohydrate-protein combination to help replace glycogen (stored glucose), as well as electrolytes to assist with rehydration. The carbohydrates are both in the milk (lactose is a sugar) and in the chocolate syrup or mix, and the protein is from the dairy.

That said, many may still be unsure as to the health benefis of milk, given some of the bad press it has received of late. To put paid to these concerns, it is reassuring to know that the negatives associated with cow’s milk are often due to an individual’s genetics and lifestyle (eg. If they are lactose intolerant, or if they already have a diet high in saturated fat). If not, in either case, then consuming full fat milk can be a great way to reap in the added benefits including fat-soluble nutrients, vitamin D and to some extent Vitamin A. One way of harnessing the benefits of the ‘chocolate milk’ effect, without encountering any of the typical ‘nasties’ ordinarily associated with this drink (eg. sugar, addditives) is to opt for Bam Organic for your post workout energy fix. Bam have created deliciously simple, organic drinks that are made with British organic milk, organic honey, and cocoa, offering a natural organic source of protein which is also rich in nutrients such as calcium and vitamins B2 and B12.

For more details and stockists, visit their website.

Sponsored by Bam Organic

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