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Random Acts of Wildness

We’re all familiar with that feeling of wellbeing you get from being outside. Some would say it’s the ‘outdoorphins’ which are responsible for the raised spirits we experience by stepping into nature! Despite this, two separate surveys by Velux and Herbal Essences found that over half of people only spend one hour or less outside a day, despite the majority believing that nature has a positive effect on their wellbeing. Such is the truth in this effect, that June brings us two campaigns dedicated to encouraging more people to spend time outdoors. The first of these is 30 Days Wild by The Wildlife Trusts , and the second is the ‘Gardening is Good for You’ (GIGFY) campaign by The Horticultural Trades Association 🍃 30 DAYS WILD 30 Days Wild encourages everyone to embrace daily Random Acts of Wildness, such as listening to bird song, gazing at butterflies and making the most of our parks and gardens. 🍃GARDENING Growing, planting and gardening can have many health benefits. ln particular, picking crops you’ve grown yourself boosts the brain, creates feelings of wellbeing, and also provides tasty, healthy produce to feed the family. This is the message behind Growing for Wellbeing Week by Life at no27, which also falls this week.

We spoke to some people who are taking part in 30 Days Wild to find out what steps they are taking, and how the changes are benefitting their health and well-being so far:

‘This June, I’ve been using nature to help me balance the stresses of freelance life. I’ve made time to get outside for a walk every lunchtime, noticing the weather and smelling each flower I find as it comes into blossom. 30 Days Wild is such a great way to be more intentional with nature, taking the time to notice what’s going on around me and allowing myself to connect with the seasons as they change from spring to summer. By the end of the month I’ll feel more peaceful and engaged with my surroundings, and I know I’ll keep finding little acts of wildness well after the June campaign has ended!’ Tag #healthmagazine in your ‘Random Acts of Wildness’ snaps and we’ll share the best ones on our instagram stories later today! #gigfy #wearitwild #30dayswild #nature #wellbeing #healthmagazine #healthylifestyle #wellness #getoutside #freshair #gyowellbeingwk

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