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Simply does it!

If we had to sum up the modern lifestyle in just a few words, then ‘thinly spread’ would probably be as good a description as any. It’s an unfortunate side-effect of the ‘always on’ culture, that in the ebb and flow of daily busyness, even the natural shallows tend to be muddied with interruptions. If not from our own thoughts, then from our mobile phones. "More is more" may well be the modern motto, but this doesn’t stop us craving a return to the simpler things in life once in a while...if not ALL the while! Such traditional and uncomplicated pleasures as a walk in the countryside, relaxing in the garden and soaking in a long bath hold so much appeal amid the chaos of modern living, that they have even been identified among the top ten most popular ’happy places’ by a study by @skiptonbuildingsociety. Listening to music and being in bed with a book and a cup of tea also featured in the short list. The common thread among these activities is the element of solitude, which goes some way to explaining why they might help us recalibrate emotionally in times of stress and pressure.

With today being National Simplicity Day, there is no better time to stop, take stock and indulge in the uncomplicated and the wonderful contrast it provides to the modern manic mainstay.

AS Henry David Thoreau, who was born on this day in 1817 once said: “As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.” We asked Jemma Andrew-Adiamah of @unconditionallynourished for her opinion on the importance of maintaining elements of simplicity in certain aspects of everyday life. “Living more simply allows you to appreciate the little things that often get overlooked when we strive for more. Appreciating what we already have in our lives can make us richer beyond our wildest beliefs.”

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