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Putting Pen to Paper

Over the last few years, my note-taking habit has taken on new-found regularity...not to mention importance.

Every day seems to arrive on a raft of things-that-need-to-be-written-down - from the shopping lists, to the household chores, to the school admin… right through to all the ‘brain spam’ that I'm confident would be all-consuming, if it weren’t for this paper-shaped outlet.

This habit has become, by all accounts, a source of catharsis, not to mention the glue which stops the proverbial slipping... most of the time!

As a result, the delight of a ‘nice pen’ hits different nowadays, than it did in the 'any old biro will do' era of yesteryear!

The reason why, is that it imbues even the mundanity of list-making, with a nuance of elegance.

It feeds into the narrative that says... 'this work is important,' even if it might not feel it.

In light of this, my days of commandeering the kids crayons and scribbling to-dos on scraps of paper have been replaced by a much more artful approach to note-taking.

An approach made possible, almost entirely, by the addition of a Wordsworth & Black fountain pen. A pen which seems to make notes... noteworthy, and which adds a certain 'polish' to even my own (*often illegible) hieroglyphics.

To anybody who’s yet to discover the delight that is.. a fountain-penned shopping list, the sentiment of this post might well be lost.

However, to me, it has evolved that a 'nice pen' is now officially up there with a 'nice wine glass', and 'a nice coffee cup' in the ranks of everyday non-negotiables.

It elevates the everyday, whilst making the burdens of the modern mind easier to reconcile… on paper!

The Finer Details


Wordsworth and Black are specialists in quality, handmade writing instruments, with their British designed products rooted in tradition and function, in equal measure.

The Crest fountain pen, specifically, is made from luxury bamboo and features a wider than normal barrel, for ease of grip, along with a solid brass, streamlined nib for high precision writing.

Sponsored by Wordsworth & Black

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