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'Keeping an allotment necessitates a lot of fresh air and exercise'

Hi, my name is Bryony and I’m an avid allotmenteer!

This week is National Allotment Week, so I thought I’d share a few tips with you about the benefits I’ve found to having an allotment.

I got my first allotment back in 2014 after I realised that my growing gardening ambitions had outstripped the size of my small back garden. I had little gardening experience and so the social aspect of having an allotment proved very helpful in the beginning – I had no shortage of fellow allotmenteers offering their expertise and surplus vegetables (both of which were gratefully received!).

Now my allotment is an integral part of my life. As you might expect it provides an abundance of food for me and my family, and the security of knowing exactly what went in to what I’m eating is a joy that can’t be bought. Beyond that, it provides so many health benefits. Keeping an allotment necessitates a lot of fresh air and exercise. You get your daily dose of vitamin D, and it’s cheaper than the gym! An allotment also brings a connection with nature that I’m sure is beneficial to mental health. This year I’ve really made an effort to make my plot more wildlife friendly by installing a pond and a bird feeder, and planting lots of pollinator-friendly plants.

To sum up, my allotment provides me with organic and pesticide free food. Fresh, local, seasonal, produce - without harming the environment, my health or my pocket. It also keeps me fit and active, connected with the world in ways I never imagined, and is the little patch of land that I go to for solace if ever things don’t go to plan. I strongly encourage you to have a go at growing your own - you might be surprised where it takes you.

You can follow my allotment progress and get tips and inspiration over on my Instagram page. Hope to see you there!

Author credit: Bryony Willis

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