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'Beginning the day with lemon water can help jump start digestion'

Drinking lemon juice first thing in the morning has long been associated with some important health benefits. The majority of these come from the improvement that a regular lemon juice routine can make to digestion, in particular. Beginning the day with a lemon shot has the effect of jump starting the digestion process, allowing food to be broken down more easily and toxins to be removed more efficiently. One of the best mediums for lemon juice consumption is in warm water, before breakfast. As we all know too well though, the ideal scenario of squeezing fresh everyday amid the morning rush can often be a bit optimistic. The solution? Freeze your lemon juice in ice cube trays. Once the juice has frozen, place the cubes into a sealed container in the freezer, and every morning simply remove one frozen cube and add to a mug of slightly cooled boiled water, then stir and drink.

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