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KEEPING WARM: It’s all about the base (layers)

Autumn might well be pretty to look at, but it sure does like to throw us some curveballs in the fashion stakes.

Whether we’re heading to work, or simply out for some all important fresh air, keeping warm is just as essential as looking the part (whatever the part may be!), but endlessly harder to achieve... or so it seems.

That chilled to the core feeling that you get when your thickest coat just isn’t cutting it, is what can sometimes make venturing out into the autumn elements far from appealing... and battening down the hatches so hard to resist!

That said, needs often must when it comes to bracing the wind, rain and chilly temperatures... and thanks to the power of layering, the experience needn’t be as bad as we fear.

Layering traps warm air against the skin, and can be more effective at warding off the cold than single thick layers of the same weight.

The idea conjures up all manner of images, from Joey in friends (could he BE wearing any more clothes?), to the less than flattering thermal underwear that the trend is synonymous with.

Taking both these preconceptions off the table paves the way for the NEW face of layering, that ALL of us can embrace with ease, style... and not an inch of the bulk we’d think.

Thanks to Nattily’s new colourful adult gilets, layering up has never been easier. Made using Polartec® Classic 200 series performance fabric, the chic and colourful designs are made for warmth, durability and protection against the elements. Not only this, they are made using 100% recycled polyester fabric, and come complete with a detachable pom pom!

Once you’re layered up and ready to go, even the most reluctant of outdoorsy types could be forgiven for questioning whether staying in really is the new going out! With the warmth and comfort of an Nattily gilet, we’d put our money on going out (and some more good quality, layerable basics!)

Sponsored by Nattily

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