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From 'self care'... to 'COUPLE CARE': Discover the healthy lifestyle habit with TWIC

There’s a problem with the idea of ‘self-care’, which anyone in a couple might well be able to relate to...

That is, that when you’re part of a pairing, decisions relating to food and lifestyle are, to some extent, rarely based on individual preference and need.

Take, for example, evening meals, or weekend plans. Yes, there’s free reign in both to please ourselves and eat/do as we please, BUT the inevitable overlaps in each other’s ‘me time’ also warrant some degree of agreeing on the same thing - not just for convenience...but health.

After all, it is these mutual decisions we make on an everyday basis, on things like food and lifestyle, that can have the biggest impact on how we feel and our wellbeing.

In autumn, it can be easy for motivation to slide, which places even more value on the importance of ‘couple care’. As we all know, behaviour is reflective, and relies on one person being the others' motivation when their own wanes, and vice versa.

With autumn comes the perfect opportunity to put this into practice, with long, leaf-crunching walks being one of the season’s greatest (and healthiest) pleasures. Indeed, taking a pit stop mid-route for a Brynmor flapjack makes the perfect interlude to a leisurely stroll, and an example of a couple care at its best.

Their flapjacks are lovingly baked in Wales and are made from sustainably sourced British oats, as well as being gluten and wheat free. The bars are convenient enough to pack in your pocket, yet big enough to hit the spot when hunger calls, and with a range of delicious flavours to choose from, time together has never tasted so sweet!

For a chance to win a month's supply of Brynmor flapjacks, follow @Brynmorfoods and send a DM with the caption ‘Health Competition.’

(UK delivery address only. Allow 10 working days for delivery.)

Sponsored by Brynmor Foods

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