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She rescues him right back...

These days, the rescuing works both ways, and while it once might have been unheard of for a man to need a white horse and armour-clad saviour... the fairy tale has moved with the times!

The reality of the modern age, is that there are just as many men in distress, and in need of support, than the old-fashioned stereotype gives credit for.

This International Men’s Day, the resounding message is that we need to do all we can to level the emotional playing field, and create a landscape where men have the same freedom to be vulnerable and gain support when they need it.

The saying goes that ‘no man is an island’, and when all the statistics reinforce this truth, the best way we can respond is by creating more bridges (or tunnels!) to conversations, questions and interventions... by building trust, and digging deep!

So, whoever the men are in your life - be them relatives, partners, spouses, co-workers or friends - take the opportunities whenever they arise to check in!

Ask if they’re ok, and again if you’re not convinced. Creating an outlet via dialogue might not solve all the problems weighing on their mind, but it can go some way to reducing the pressure and stress these troubles and worries create, which is as positive a starting point as any in the step-by-step to improved mental health.

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