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Bored of the New Year's Resolution talk already? Here's the solution....

It seems impossible is to scroll social media without stumbling across at least some variation of well meaning New Year's rhetoric!

If there’s one (different) way to deal with all the ‘2020 goals’ talk,’s to make like Miley Cyrus (minus the minimal clothing and suggestive sledge hammer antics!!) and take a metaphorical wrecking ball to the lot!

The result!? A clear, flat New Year landscape, primed for building some REAL, solid foundations for greatness - a far better alternative to winding all your energies up the quick fix flagpole.

Granted, the NYR tradition might have some good intent at its heart, but the long and short of preparing for a year is much less prescriptive, restrictive and dull than the ‘new year, new me’ cliche demands.

Traditional New year’s resolutions, as we all know, tend to be to be makeshift in nature, making them somewhat of a false economy in respect of both our time, energy and often money.

How about, instead, we aim for ‘new year, same me’ ethos, and start off 2020 on familiar footing, with a focus instead on clearing the mind clutter of misconceptions and false beliefs (starting with the ‘good food/bad food myth!) that so often trip us up just weeks and months down the New Year line?

What this means, essentially.... is no detoxes, no hard core gym routines, no ‘diets’... just a continuation of your stable and enduring self, with a little more openness to the possibilities of newness in all its forms. New foods. New exercises. New adventures....

Weaving these golden threads into your existing tapestry not only avoids the stress of starting afresh, but also carries a wider margin for error than the ‘blank canvas’ we might ordinarily aspire to.

This in mind, here’s to 2020...when NOT changing is as good as the rest!

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