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Be more GIRAFFE!

Eat plants

Stand tall

Stay sharp

At a time when we’re all looking for someone, or something, to look up to for inspiration, herein lies an alternative muse to channel more of in everyday life! .

It seems there’s a lot we can learn from the majestic Giraffe, and not least because it thrives on skills and behaviours which to some extent, are universally adoptable in everyday (human) life! .


Eating more plants is something that we can all (and perhaps SHOULD all) aspire towards doing more of, particularly with the incentive of Veganuary now underway! The motivations are many, and even the smallest switch up (be it the milk in your tea, or the butter on your bread!) can make a bigger difference than you might imagine in terms of both health, and the environment. .


There is something to be said for standing just that little bit taller, not just as a way of feigning confidence, but actually creating it. There’s a natural ebb in energy that often occurs in the post-festive aftermath, and the basic principles of the ‘power pose’ - shoulders back, head up - can’t be underestimated in terms of restoring self-belief and positivity at this time.


It’s not just posture and poise that sets the Giraffe head and shoulders above the rest (!) when it comes to this somewhat unconventional ‘power animal’ theory. They’re also notoriously astute... which is something that the rush rush of everyday life can sometimes be at the expense of, in our case!

Making the conscious effort to stop, SEE more and LISTEN better can, by all accounts, stand us in the best possible stead for not just surviving, but THRIVING, through the exciting and unknown territory that is 2020, and beyond!

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