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Find your Happy Place

January, as we all know, can be somewhat of a ‘blue’ month on the whole, making us all the more likely to want to gravitate to those ‘happy places’ where we feel at ease, and free from the clutter and stresses of everyday adult life. Happy places are an increasingly popular concept, and while there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to enjoying a particular place, home does largely remain where the heart is. Finding our happy place can give us the freedom to lose ourselves in the moment, and for many, nothing beats enjoying a cup of tea in bed with a good book as the ultimate way to relax and unwind. This is according to a study commissioned by the Skipton Building Society. Taking the opportunity this New Year’s Day, then, to bask in a space that you can call your own, and which brings you peace, contentment and inspiration, can go a long way towards easing your transition into the New Year. Whatever it is it you enjoy most about your happy place, whether it’s the comfort factor of being able to stay in your dressing gown, or the ‘hug in a mug’ from your favourite brew, you can amp up the health-giving potential by switching to a caffeine free, antioxidant packed cup of Seabuckthorn Leaf Tea. We found that Zoee Sea Buckthorn Leaf Tea makes the perfect accompaniment to a good book, since the tea is purported to be naturally soothing, whilst boasting both anti-inflammatory and antioxidants properties. It’s also as simple to make as adding hot water to the leaves, and infusing for 8 minutes. Simply drink it pure, or with lemon, and make your ‘happy place’ a perfect meditative space from which to ‘fill your cup’ whenever, and wherever, the need demands. Sponsored by Zoee

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