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So long, long hair!

Giving away what we no longer need or want, whether it’s clothes, furniture, or food, is fast becoming a much more instinctive response for many of us as we gravitate towards a more sustainable way of thinking… and living. In spite of this, there is one especially important ‘reusable’ that is widely overlooked in the grand scheme of recycling….HAIR. If you’re the owner of a long set of locks, who has perhaps been contemplating going for the chop, then it might be enlightening to know that all that excess hair could be destined for far greater things than the bottom of the hairdresser’s bin! The Little Princess Trust use long hair donations to provide free, real hair wigs to children experiencing hair loss as a result of cancer and other medical conditions, to help restore their confidence and sense of identity during what is inevitably an extremely difficult time of life. Besides donating your hair, you can further support the Little Princess Trust’s work by encouraging others to sponsor your cut through Justgiving. Financial donations help to fund not just the manufacturing of the wigs and wig-fitting service, but also research into finding less aggressive and less toxic treatments for childhood cancers. Please visit ‪‬ to find out how you can help (please check the donor criteria before going for the chop!), or visit to sponsor my upcoming cut at the end of this month!

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