Husband: ‘WHAT. IS. THAT. DRESS?’

*points to red velvet dress hanging up in the bedroom*

Me: ‘Don’t you like it?!’

Husband: ‘Sure, if you’re a Victorian!’

Me: ‘But it’s Ghost?’

Husband: ‘looks like it IS a Ghost!?’

Potential responses:

1. See the funny side. Keep the dress and embrace the Victorian ghost look.

2. Return the dress.

The answer:

The first one of course.

The Victorian observation may well be seen to cast aspersions at the decision-making process behind said dress purchase, BUT...self-trust and a sense of humour should always reign supreme.

If you are inclined to personalise comments (banter included) and overreact negatively to what may be a perceived insult (but probably isn’t), then you’re certainly not alone.

It’s a common problem, where our automatic thoughts and interpretations take on a negative spin, and one that is not necessarily accurate to the situation.

Even if the observation IS accurate (which here, it actually was!) then even that shouldn’t be enough to allow even a hint of self-doubt to creep into the response equation.

Emotional resilience and strength of mind means taking opinions and banter on the chin (and even using it for the win!)

It means being able to laugh at oneself, and not ruminate over things that have been said, even if they might appear to question personal decisions, style or taste. It also lends the ability to see banter for what it is....and that is playful, joyful, and lighthearted fun.

If all this sounds familiar, it might be time to escape the procrastination loop with a good old dose of self-trust, a side of WGAF... and some Victorian swag to set it all off!

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