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'A perfect introduction to the bold and exciting flavour palate of Middle Eastern cuisine... AND

They say as one door closes, another one opens, and this is never truer than in the case of Veganuary.

Calling time on animal products, if only for a time, can create an escape hatch from more comfort zones than we might have realised we were caught in - ‘restaurant ruts’ being one of them.

By broadening our food horizons, the plant-based lifestyle inadvertently leads to discovering more eclectic restaurants (and cuisines) than we’d probably otherwise stumble across - Lebanese being one of them!

To celebrate Veganuary, Comptoir Libanais have launched a selection of special vegan dishes, which if you’re new to Middle Eastern food, might possibly be THE perfect introduction to the wonderfully bold and exciting flavour palate that it represents.

Rich in vegetables, legumes, fruits, herbs and spices, Lebanese cuisine is among the world’s healthiest, making it an apt choice for when we’re mostly all trying to get our healthy habits back on track.

The Comptoir Libanais menu includes Hommos and Falafel with Harissa Sauce, served with extra virgin olive oil and pickled turnips. The starter menu also includes Baked Aubergine with a Coriander Dressing, pomegranate seeds, red chilli, fresh mint, coriander, pistachio and molasses dressing. Their main vegan specialty this month is a Slow Cooked Vegetable Tagine with tomato, pepper, aubergine, onion & chickpea, and served with couscous, quinoa or vermicelli rice.

This is one introduction to the vegan way of eating that isn’t ‘dressing up’ as the foods that it advocates against. There is no vegan cheese or meat substitutes, just a plethora of vibrant vegetables that sell themselves to such an extent that the lack of meat and dairy is barely notable, let alone significant!

Whether you’re doing Veganuary, therefore, or just looking for somewhere that’s healthy and different to eat out, it’s well worth seeking out your local Comptoir Libanais (more details and restaurants on the website).

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