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All work. Some play!

As more and more of us lead increasingly digitalised careers, it becomes all the more important to seize opportunities for one-to-one interactions... away from the emails and DMs within which our day’s dialogue could quite easily begin and end.

Ironically, the InterNET has become a safety net for avoiding having to dive in at the conversational deep end, often with complete strangers, in order to build connections and harness the power of networking.

On the one hand, DMs and emails have certainly made networking easier, BUT how does it compare to meeting like minded business women or men IN PERSON?

The latter, we often forget, has a knack of bridging gaps in common ground that might otherwise elude in the cyberspace, where exchanges inevitably cover less conversational ground, and connect fewer dots, than the same chat might over a coffee (and cake)!

For digital business owners, meet ups are therefore not just important for keeping our interpersonal skills honed and morale high, but also for forging opportunities BEYOND business connections. Friendships included.

This, on what is the ‘bluest’ day of the year, might prove just as useful a pick-me-up as a full tray of Hummingbird Bakery vegan cupcakes! Almost!

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