Forget the roast dinner! Sundays are all about BRUNCH!

The idea of a late morning meal, which combines both lunch and breakfast in one sitting, is reshaping the weekends of the nation. So much so, that research shows that more and more people are actually preferring brunch to a traditional Sunday roast. . Today, we’re not just laying on any old brunch, however. This is PIZZA BRUNCH... in celebration of this year’s National Pizza Day! The best bit about the pizza brunch, specifically, is that it brings together the best bits of the full English breakfast (veggie style)...and Pizza. What could be better?! Made using A Taste of Sol Parmigiano Reggiano, complete with eggs, mushrooms and a This ‘bacon’, this is a veggie Sunday brunch dream come true! Parmigiano Reggiano - the main cheese ingredient - is an Italian hard cheese that is a perfect complement to the eggs and (fake) bacon combo, and it comes in easy-to-use shavings which are perfect for adding to pizzas, pastas and a a wide range of other recipes. If the idea takes your fancy, why not grab a slice (or 2) of the action over on our instagram stories!

Sponsored by A Taste of Sol.

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