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HEALTH: 'Seek out the small actions, performed regularly'

Of all the incentives there are to eating well, exercising and generally living healthily...the ‘FEEL GOOD FACTOR’ has to be up there with the best of them.

It’s that feeling of positivity and energy - the one that sums up this expression - that is arguably a big part of what makes every little effort (from gym sessions to green smoothies)...worth the effort on reflection.

In pursuit of this ‘feel good factor’, however, it’s easy to overlook one crucial thing... and that is the importance of SYNERGY! In other words, how those SMALL, daily investments in nutrition, movement and self care can all complement and enhance each other... to amount to something much more powerful than the sum of each part!

Workouts, vitamin drinks, power playlists, motivational activewear ... they’re all great, but they're even better together!

Such is the ethos at the heart of Feel Good Factor Drinks - a company founded on the belief that enjoying a regular vitamin/mineral enriched drink - alongside other ‘factors’ - can help contribute to an overall balanced lifestyle and greater sense of wellbeing.

Feel Good Factor Drinks are infused with vitamins and minerals including B12, Zinc and Antioxidants, and they come in a range of delicious flavours including Peach & Mango and Mandarin and Orange, making them great as a refreshing post-workout pick-me-up!

This ‘synergy’ concept is food for thought perhaps, the next time those ‘good vibes’ elude! Just seek out the small actions, performed regularly - and the FEEL GOOD will surely follow.

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