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The POWER shower: Reducing plastic shower at a time

The traditional bar of soap may conjure up images of a bygone era, but rest assured…. soap is about to make a comeback!

With more and more consumers turning away from shower gels and creams in a bid to cut down on plastic, the old school way of washing is enjoying a resurgence thanks to the likes of Comme Avant cosmetics, who are championing the ‘sustainable shower’ concept in all its soapy glory!

With an estimated 42 million in the UK purported to use shower gels, creams or body wash, and with the majority of these products packaged in plastic, this is an area of growing concern for the increasing numbers of us tuning into our carbon footprint.

These are products which are cheap to produce, and yet expensive to buy, and still they continue to clutter up almost every bathroom in the land. A ‘victory of marketing over common sense’ some would say, since this is one product that is easy to brand as ‘luxury’ - and even ‘functional’ (the ‘wake up’ and ‘wind down’ fragrances being the perfect example).

To add insult to injury, most of these products are packed full of man-made chemicals (around 20 on average) that are used to help make them thick, perfumed and coloured.

The alternative approach of cleaning ourselves with bars of long-lasting soap is gaining momentum, and Comme Avant are leading the way with their natural, vegan and cruelty free cosmetics. Using only simple and clearly understandable ingredients, and with no preservatives, dyes, or fragrances, every natural product is handmade in their workshop in the heart of Marseille.

The underlying message of simple and sustainable showering is one which nods to the past, but looks to the future, setting a precedent for future generations that convenient personal hygiene should never cost the earth (in both senses of the term)… or good health.

Sponsored by Comme Avant

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