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Use your LOAF!

Breadless sandwiches might be the ‘in thing’ - and perhaps a dietary necessity for some - but putting bread on the backburner isn’t always the ticket to better health that it’s purported to be.

Yes, cabbage burritos, pepper rolls and lettuce wraps are as tasty as they are novel, but the ‘bread is bad’ belief that underpins these delicacies does have a contrary argument... one that there’s no better time to put across then REAL BREAD WEEK.

On this occasion, the message is that it’s the type of bread we eat, and the way we consume it, that’s most important in the ‘bread equals bloat’ equation.

Not all bread is created equal, and this is something that Artisan bread-makers Gradz Bakers are firm advocates of raising awareness of.

Unfortunately, bread has been one of the biggest victims in our industrialised way of eating, and the factory bread we buy in supermarkets is a far cry from the slow fermented, hand-crafted loaves of Artisan bakers, which can take up to 24 hours to prepare.

This way of baking produces a product that has less gluten and is more digestible than standard commercial bread, which by all accounts has a lot to answer for in terms of bread’s bad rep!

Luckily, you don’t have to venture all the way to your local baker to experience this kind of loaf. Gradz Bakers bread is available on Ocado, making real bread sandwiches easily workable within a real-world framework.

The best bit, as well, is that the Gradz Bakers team like to mix things up, so be prepared for some clever seasonal renditions of their grain-rich loaves, starting now with beetroot and black cumin.

This versatile loaf is all that’s needed to jazz up your toast, or liven up your lunch. So, use your loaf however your choose, and the same goes for this vital bread trivia which, for some, might go part way to putting bread back on the menu.

Sponsored by Gradz Bakers

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