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If ever you needed an excuse for a duvet day... THIS is it!

The ‘duvet day’ is possibly one of THE best ways to spend a Sunday.

Embracing the prerogative to stay in bed and wallow in the joy of JOMO, is something that our over-worked minds often crave at the end of the working week.

However great duvet days are, though, there’s a worrying truth about our beloved duvets that’s got the team behind Duvet Hog talking... and taking action.

This little known fact is that duvets are not only non-recyclable, but they are also one of the most ‘throwaway’ furnishings we own, with many of us opting to buy a new one rather than wash the one we have. This is so much so, that every year 14 million duvets, pillows and mattress toppers end up in UK landfills.

As we look to drive down plastic waste, duvets are therefore one of the main household items we should perhaps be giving more attention.

Keen to turn this duvet predicament around, Duvet Hog have invented a vegan-down duvet, made from recycled water bottles. This means not only do the ducks and geese get to keep their feathers, but you get a duvet that is naturally resistant to dust, mites and mould, as well as being ultra-breathable, hypoallergenic and hyper-resistant to allergens. Not only this, the duvets are just as warm and lofty as standard duvets... and even more snuggly!

The mission behind Duvet Hog is that it’s better to wash and spin your duvet, rather than replacing it before its lifespan is up. This acts as a way of keeping our carbon footprint down, and our beds healthier in the long term, which on National Bed Month, is a message that we could certainly all benefit from attuning to.

All in all, what this goes to show is that enjoying and taking care of your duvet might do more than just save your energy and stress levels (as claimed by 36% of us.) It could award the planet the same benefits, which as we look to ever deeper means of living sustainably, can only mean one thing…. DUVET DAY!

To join the #spinmedontbinme campaign or to find out more about Duvet Hog, visit

Sponsored by Duvet Hog

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