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'Coffee table books can often help spark a new creative thought process'

World Book Day may be consumed by articles attesting to the benefits of reading more, but where does this leave those of us that haven’t necessarily got the time to commit to this popular pastime?

Coffee table books are the perfect compromise for time-stretched individuals who perhaps can appreciate the sentiment in snuggling up with a paperback every night, but in reality are more likely to find themselves doing everything else other than reading, in the small window of down time that exists each evening.

As a literary genre, coffee table books are often overlooked (and sometimes not even recognized), but today more than ever, they’ve never been more needed.

In our screen-centred world, the tactile experience that books offer can come as a welcome relief from the blue hue that’s become part and parcel of everyday reading. Not only this, the immersive aspect of picture books helps inspire thought and creativity, without requiring any particular brain power or concentration. What could be better at the end of a long day?

The theory is that pictures inspire thoughts and feelings that words can’t, and flicking through some of these books, which draw us in with their large, eye-catching visuals, can often spark a new creative thought process.

The key is to look for a book that has ‘layers’, and challenges you to understand the deeper meaning behind the way the pictures are organized and curated.

These make for fast yet fulfilling ‘reading’, translating the World Book Day message into something that even the most unlikely of book worms can get on board with!

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