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MAKE UP: 'We are moving towards a time where less is becoming more'

It’s coming up to International Women’s Day... which has got us thinking about a topic that’s always been hotly debated in the realms of ‘female empowerment.’


Do we need it?

Do we want it?

Should we wear it?

What purpose does it serve?

Ask any MUA worth their salt, and they’ll probably say that there is a very valid place for make up, even as we move into a new era of authenticity in self-presentation.

Their reasoning is that make up doesn’t have to be corrective, nor does it have to be used as a veil to hide beneath. Make up is as much about the process - the feeling of being ready to face the day - as it is the changes it makes to our appearance.

Admittedly, the latter does come into it, BUT... we are moving towards a time where less is becoming more, and women are choosing to forgo many of their former make up bag essentials, in favour of two or three key products.

Mascara. Foundation. Lip Balm.

The pillars of the ‘no make up made up’ look!

The beauty of going for the bare minimum is in not just the finished result - which most of the population would agree wins over every time - but also in the time saving benefits, and the health advantages of a having a regime and products that let skin ‘breathe’!

Off the back of this article, we’re looking for your feedback on the best ‘basics’ that you can’t do without!

Feel free to comment or DM us on instagram, and in the meantime we’ll get things started with a little demo produced with Ere Perez Cosmetics oat milk foundation and L'Occitane Solidarity Balm, the profits from which go towards supporting NGO projects that promote women’s leadership and economic independence in the African region of Burkina Faso.

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