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NO SQUADS: 'The media is teaching us just many ideals about female friendships'

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

There’s no denying, a great deal of friendship related imagery plays on the importance of the so-called #girlsquad.

Through these depictions, the media is teaching us just as many ideals surrounding female friendships, as it is romantic relationships.

What happens, for example, if we don’t have a ‘squad’ of instaworthy proportions?

In the same way that scrolling through #couplegoals can plant the seed of dissatisfaction, so too can the scores of #bffs lead you to question your own social capital.

NEWSFLASH! Female friendships are no more all smiles and squeezes, than marriages are breathlessness and looks of longing!

Chances are, if you’re in your mid-thirties, friendships are probably more ‘friend ships’ in the night, than all the coffee sipping, glass-clinking images suggest!

As a ‘circle of friends’ merges into more of a nonagon with advancing age, a rich social fabric of old meets new is often created... and potentially with surprisingly positive results.

This is an important point to communicate to any woman feeling cast adrift in social media’s flotilla of ‘friendships’ and girl squads.

Those girls might be ‘tight’... but more women are open to exploring new connections, than these stereotypes suggest.

Social media is good at implying female friendship groups have strict demarcation, but it is this image of exclusivity which has a lot to answer for in terms of the ‘mean girls’ fear that often endures long past the teenage years.

Female friendships are something all women can benefit from, especially as we all tend to feel life’s velocity so acutely, and this in mind, it pays to always keep a line cast off the ‘friend ship’ for any woman that might need it.

You simply never know where being open to new connections might lead... or who it might help in the process!

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