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SIT CHAT: What's your 'sofa psyche'?

It might well be National Walking Day, but chances are, a pair of socks and some cosy slippers are the closest most of us got to any hot-footing action! Today, and for the next few weeks at least, we’re instead resigned to taking up some form of permanent residency on our sofas... this we know. What’s less well known, however, is that HOW we choose to lounge away the days isn’t just down to personal preference. It can be an indicator of other things going on in our personal and professional lives, according to Body Language Expert Robert Phipps. In his research, he identified 12 'sofa psyches' which are based on the idea that couch-based body language can reflect our inner emotions! #whoknew? This isn’t breaking news, but what it is, is some light-hearted food for thought and a trivial yet welcome distraction from the more pressing headlines consuming our thoughts at the moment. Of all of these sofa psyches, we thought we’d share a few of the most relatable, including ‘The Floor Rebel’ which Robert claims ‘is likely to be adopted by someone who likes to do things their own way and not be shackled by rules.' Then, there’s ‘The Tucked Leaner’, which is reflective of 'contentment and dealing with life’s stresses with ease'... apparently.

Other positions include:

The Sofa Buddha: Crossed legs and hands resting in the lap

This position implies ‘overall contentment and inner confidence.’

Loud & Proud: A wide legged, upright sitting stance

This sitting position is typically adopted by confident, highly successful individuals.

The Precise Percher: Upright and rigid, perched on the front of the sofa

This position ‘shows an element of unease and is likely to be adopted by people who are risk takers.’

The Twisted Crosser: Leaning with legs crossed

The Twister Crosser is the UK's favourite sofa position and is likely to be adopted by people ‘who are keen to relax, but don’t want to let their guard down completely.'

The Sofa Hogger: legs up and stretched out

These people are ‘the most likely to have an active social life’, and the position is indicative of a ‘quietly confident and contented sitter.'

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