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Find your pot of gold... at breakfast!

We might have grown up with the lesson not to play with our food, but there’s an exception to this rule that is well worth exploiting, now more than ever.

This little loophole is one that exists for food (especially fruit) as ART, and what better excuse to make a meal into a marvel, than the occasion that is Find a Rainbow Day!

In homage to this day, why not make your morning porridge into a rainbow of breakfast dreams... complete with a mini ‘pot’ of gold (aka. almond butter) for good measure?

And before you think all these rainbow-making efforts are just for aesthetics, think again.

The creative process in itself can have a positive effect on mood, not to mention adding to the delight when it finally comes around to tucking in. This added taste value is owing not just to all the extra textures & flavours... there’s a psychology in play too, with ‘pretty’ food tasting just that little bit sweeter for all the effort that’s gone into it.

At a time when slowing down and nurturing creativity is all important, this little take-your-time breakfast idea is something even the most set in their ways might delight in the pace (and finished product) of.

Serve with your sunniest mug of hot coffee, in the sunshine, and a read of the The Happy Newspaper for best results!

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