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40 DAYS, 40 ITEMS: 'This challenge is a positive move towards a clearer home AND headspace - som

We might be a bit slow on the uptake with this one, but the #40days40items challenge is just too good to pass up, particularly when we have so much free time on our hands to dedicate to the cause!

The idea behind this campaign, is to select one item from your house each day that you don’t use or wear anymore, and place it in a bag.

At the end of the 40 days, you donate these items to charity or a homeless shelter.

One of the reasons this campaign is so brilliant, is that it centres around the cumulative benefits of small actions, completed regularly. This approach makes positive change achievable in a real life context, where big changes and challenges can often prove unsustainable.

The impressive sum total of clearing out just ONE item a day, is something which can be seen not just in the final contents of the charity bag at the end of the 40 days, but also in the absence of clutter which suddenly prevails from such a small daily commitment.

Wardrobes are arguably one of the greatest beneficiaries of the 40 Days, 40 Items challenge, not least because we often don’t realise how many excess clothes we have accumulated, until slowly but surely they are removed from the ‘what to wear?’ equation.

Too many clothes, as we all know, can breed indecision, overwhelm and ironically, the feeling that we have nothing to wear.

Making the commitment to donate anything that you haven’t worn recently (not accounting for seasonality of course), and anything that doesn’t fit, can help streamline the getting dressed process, as well as giving these items a second chance with somebody else.

In our climate of sustainability, prolonging the lifespan of our fashion items is an important step we can all take towards living a little greener. At the same time, this challenge is a positive move towards a clearer home AND headspace - something which will no doubt prove invaluable in the weeks ahead!

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